Día Internacional contra el Acoso Escolar

Velez-Malaga against bullying in the classroom

  • The City Council of Velez has developed an initiative with primary school students to raise awareness of this problem and to commemorate the International Day against Bullying held on May 2

The area of Social Welfare and Equality of the Municipality of Velez-Malaga develops specific programs of attention to children in order to reduce and eradicate bullying.

The City Council of Vigo has developed today a series of activities with primary school students to join the commemoration of the International Day against Bullying, which is celebrated on May 2.

The councillor for Social Welfare and Equality, Zoila Martín, explained how “from the current government team we work to involve schools in these initiatives, and we carry out activities with them throughout the year, because we believe it is essential to raise awareness and sensitize young people on these issues through education.

The initiative, carried out at the Las Naciones Infant and Primary Education Centre, has been carried out with a group of 4th grade primary school children, with the aim of raising awareness among the youngest children about the problems generated by bullying, to involve them, to help them empathise with the victims and to help them learn to find solutions to this problem by supporting those affected.

Martín stated that “bullying situations cause great anxiety and confusion in the students who suffer from it, so it is important to work with schools and all the agents involved to prevent the problem from happening”.

“We work with both families and children, with different specific programmes dedicated to children, through activities focused mainly on prevention, to eradicate this type of child harassment,” added the mayor of Social Services.

The activities began with a brainstorming session in which the students contributed their concept of bullying to arrive at the real definition. There was also a reading of a story on child bullying entitled: “Martín does not want to go to school” and, finally, work was done on the different types of bullying that exist. In addition, different empathy and trust games have been developed focusing on the problem of bullying.

With the celebration of these events, the City Council of Velez-Malaga once again shows its absolute commitment to social causes and its particular fight against bullying, in order to help and protect the municipality’s children and their families.

The Social Welfare and Equality Area of the City Council of Vélez-Málaga has been developing specific programmes for childcare since 1990. Since then, these programs have evolved as the demands of citizens have changed. The programs offer resources to both families and schools to work with those at risk through Community Social Services Teams. In addition, in the most serious cases and where indicators of child abuse are present, they are attended to through the Family Treatment Team.

May 2 is the World Day Against Bullying, a serious problem affecting millions of primary and secondary schoolchildren around the world and causing around 200 deaths each year. This initiative, born in 2013 at the proposal of the NGO Bullying Without Borders, is approved by UNESCO in order to contribute to the awareness and sensitization of this problem.

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