I Torneo Exhibición de Gimnasia Rítmica

I Rhythmic Gymnastics Exhibition Tournament in Nerja

  • Quality and technique in the I Rhythmic Gymnastics Exhibition Tournament. Great performance by the students of the Nerja Rhythmic Gymnastics School

Last Sunday, June 3rd, the first Rhythmic Gymnastics Exhibition Tournament was held in Nerja.
Some of the students from the local rhythmic gymnastics school presented their exhibitions and others finished their competition season in this match.
This first edition was very well received by both participants and the public. The gymnasts from the different schools/clubs showed great work on the tapestry.
Rosa Arrabal, Mayor of Nerja; Cristina Fernández, Sports Councillor; Javier Losada, Coordinator of the Sports Office; José Antonio Martín, Head of Sports Facilities; and Zuzana Hanzlová, Coordinator of the Nerja Rhythmic Gymnastics School, presented the medals.
Classification of Nerja gymnasts:
The Benjamin C1 ensemble ( Corina Martín, Marta Rivas, Estela García, Cristina Castillo and Marta Saborito) have won silver medals.
Set Benjamin C2 (Judith Arenas, Yanira Prados, Valeria, Ariadna Recio and Noemi Bueno) silver medal.
Children’s ensemble with balls (Nadia Díaz, Daniela Romero, Marina García, Ainara López, Paola Narvaez) Gold medal.
Smile Group (Marta López, María Guerrero, Julia Saccirto, Lina Zouhair, Amaya Rosi, Elsa Gil and Daniela Gil) gold medalist
Alevín C2 (Paola López, Elsa Valero, Valeria Saborito, Clara Sánchez and Gilian Gaia) gold medalist
Senior (Claudia Navarro, Karolina Arrabal, Paula Aguila and Lucía Garcia)
After the award ceremony, the coordinator of the Municipal School and the “Gymcosta” rhythmic gymnastics club Zuzana Hazlová was very satisfied with the results achieved and congratulated her technical team of coaches (Merle, Maria and Ninniane Bonnen), to whom she also belongs.
The registration period for the new course in this sport (rhythmic sports gymnastics) will open on 1 September. The training place will be the Sports Pavilion (next to the Municipal Indoor Pool).

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