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Interview with dj Fabio Laza (dj contest winner weekend beach festival)

  • Fabio Laza, winner of the Weekend Beach DJs Fetival 2017

  • Fabio Laza, winner of the Weekend Beach DJs Fetival 2017

Fabio Laza logo
Fabio Laza logo

Q- Good morning, first of all I want to congratulate you for having won the dj contest, of weekend beach festival, and thank you again for stealing a bit of your time. To start the interview I would like the world to find out who is dj Fabio Laza?

A- Fabio Laza is a dj from Extremadura who started 6 years ago moving around small shops and friends’ parties until today where things have changed a lot and I have a big future view with a desire to do everything and keep growing as an artist and a person

Q- The world of electronics is very broad, in what style or styles could yours fit?

A- Within electronics as you say there are many styles and do not identify by one because in my sessions I mix commercial music with electronic or only electronic and etc songs ..
But if I stayed with serious style with EDM the variety and range of musical range that can cover.

Q- Apart from playing music, are you also a producer?

Fabio Laza
Fabio Laza

A- I’ve been 3 years producing but without taking anything public that is making my own mixes and remixes to present to the public at shows but this 2018 come loaded with new themes created from scratch by me and eager to introduce them.

Q- Which one or which are your main influences?

A- My influences vary widely and not by any artist decant me especially because I take a little of all to be my own person on stage.

Q- And this last question to close the interview. 
What advice would you give someone who will now start in the music world?

A- My advice is clearly the effort and not just be the best managed a mixer but you have a feeling with the audience that has no other dj trying to convey good cheer and enthusiasm for the public to catch that wave and feel the same well than you. After the music are feelings and if you control will be a real DJ.

Dj Fabio Laza, can find references on its website and in their social networks discussed here:

web: https://lazafabio.wixsite.com/fabio-laza

instagram: @fabio_laza

mixcloud:  https://www.mixcloud.com/djfabiofabio/

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