Geographical situation of Algarrobo

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Altitude: 86 m
Distance: 38 km
Latitude: 36° 46′
Length: -4° 02′
Surface area: 10 km²

Algarrobo, municipality of the province of Malaga, is located to the southeast of Malaga, of which is 37¨5 km distance.
The nearest town is the neighborhood of Caleta de Vélez.
It limits to the north with the municipalities of Arenas and Sayalonga, to the south with the Mediterranean sea, to the east with the municipalities of Sayalonga and Vélez-Málaga and to the west with Vélez-Málaga.
Its height above the level of the sea is of 86 m. And its surface extension of 9.7 Km2.


Being a locality of coastal landscape, the urban nucleus is in the interior, to three km. of the beach. Like many municipalities whose term reaches the sea, it has turned its activity into coastal tourism as evidenced by the existence of numerous urbanizations in Algarrobo-Costa.

Its foundation goes back to the period of Arab domination, which with the expulsion of the Moors left it practically abandoned, being repopulated later.

Strolling along its sinuous and steep streets, the niches in some facades call attention to venerate the saints, an old tradition that still conserves in this municipality. You can admire its monuments, remains of its ancient past, like the Phoenician necropolis of Trayamar.