Algarrobo climate and population

Basic data, Algarrobo climate and its population of inhabitants and residents

  • Average temperature: 18 ºC
  • Hours of sun per year: 2950 hours/year
  • Precipitation: 610 l/m²
  • You can see the probability of precipitation in Algarrobo here

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Population (Date of 01/04/2016)

Gentilicio: Algarrobeños

Total population. 6.232
Population. Mens. 3.136
Population. Women. 3.096
Population in nuclei. 5.944
Population in disseminated. 288
Percentage of population under 20 years. 20,36
Percentage of population over 65 years. 20,14
Relative increase of the population in ten years. 9,95